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My goal is simple: to help your group become the best golfers possible. I understand that there will be small adjustments, which requires a deep understanding of tendencies and habits. The best players in the world can always use an extra set of eyes to help them diagnose faults and tendencies. The idea of group lesson is to work on fundamentals and have fun with your friends while still learning this great game. I will still customize my instruction for each of you. We will all work together in small sections of breaking down the swing and its fault and corrections.

Group lessons will take place at a golf course either on the driving range, on the putting green, at the bunkers areas or on the course. We will work on diagnosing your swing faults and finding the problems, so we can then find some fundamental corrections to get you scoring lower.

I will be looking at your grip, posture, setup, takeaway, head position etc. We need to detect your swing faults in order to find a great correction. There are some fundamental problems that I will look to correct like slicing, hooking, pulling, pushing, fat shots and topped shots. Each lesson is followed up with a lesson plan that I will send to you in writing via the internet and your email. Each lesson plan includes video pictures as well as the written lesson plan. This is what you can expect from me as not only a caring and professional golf instructor - but also as one of the only USGTF Certified golf instructors in Southern Oregon.

My hope is that we can as a team make your swing, enjoyment level and attitude for the game improve so that you can truly reap the benefits of success. Each lesson will be followed up with a written lesson plan that includes pictures, videos and drills for you to look at and follow. Take a walk in the park and have fun with your friends while you do it. Golf is such a wonderful opportunity to connect with yourself, others and nature—enjoy the ride.

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USGTF certified female golf instructor
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